We owned a small business for several years and the economy was not getting any better for our type of business. We watched our business falling downward and were reluctant to file a bankruptcy. We first went to a Consumer Credit Counseling to get help. They recommend we file a bankruptcy and gave us three (3) names. We made an appt. with another attorney and didn't feel comfortable with him. He didn't reassure us so we made another appointment with Mr. Miller. It was so devastating to go through this again. I was so upset when I went in to see him. He said to me “I like to think I'm helping people get the burden lifted and make a fresh start”. Just hearing those words from an attorney made me feel so much more at ease not knowing he was going to degrade us. He understood our situation, answered ALL of our questions, returned ALL of our phone calls, gave us advise on how to close our business down. This was such a “positive” experience as positive as a bankruptcy could be. I would and have recommended John Miller to help others that are contemplating bankruptcy.

- P & G. L from Des Moines

My wife and I were having financial difficulties and was seeking advise from various attorneys. Our first visit with Miller Law Firm was as pleasant as could be under the circumstances. We were very confused about different chapters and Mr. Miller explained the difference to us he was very knowledgeable of the bankruptcy laws. He advised us that since our financial situation was probably greater than normal he recommended we file a chapter 13 repayment plan. He had us fill out information that would help him prepare the bankruptcy, he took total charge of the whole situation. He asked us questions that we never thought about and how it would affect us. We now are on a repayment plan and back on a structured plan that my wife and I can afford. Everything has gone very smoothly and I would recommend him to anyone who asks.

- John/Linda D. from Ames

My wife is unemployed and we have 3 small children at home and our finances were getting very tight. We have seen many ads on the television about debt consolidation and bankruptcy and often wondered what would help us. We got into a debt consolidation program and felt our money was not going as far as we had hoped. The phone calls continued and something had to be done. We saw John Miller's ad on television and decided to call his pre-recording line. I was very pleased with what I heard and decided to come in for a consultation. His office and staff were very helpful. They made us feel comfortable about filing bankruptcy. After discussing our financial situation Mr. Miller advised us that we could stop making the payments to the debt consolidation program and would qualify to file a chapter 7 to get rid of our debt. Thank you for getting us out of this financial mess.

- Ross/Toni R from Iowa Falls

My husband and I are getting having a lot of medical issues and the medical bills are coming in so fast that its overwhelming. We asked around and some friends of our recommended John Miller. They said “he will take care of everything”. After discussing this with my husband we decided to have a consultation with him. We were so grateful that he took care of all our financial situation. He was very knowledgeable about the laws in Iowa. I received an inheritance and he advised me on what to do with the money so that we would not lose it in the bankruptcy. I am so thankful that we got to keep our money, didn't lose anything and walked away from all the stress of the debts that were building up.

- D & P from Arizona formally Des Moines

I just recently lost my job and was getting bombarded with collection calls who were starting garnishment proceedings and found the burden this debt was putting on a one income family. We found no way out. I called John Miller's bankruptcy information hot line number and got some information on bankruptcy. I then made an appointment and was advised that the garnishment would stop as soon as the bankruptcy was filed. Mr. Miller was very re-assuring that all the calls would stop and I would get a fresh start on life. I filled out the information needed to prepare the bankruptcy and filed it immediately. Even though my paycheck was garnished Mr. Miller got me my money back and all of the collection calls have stopped. I highly recommend Mr. Miller and his office if anyone is having the same problems I was having. Thank you.

- Tim from Des Moines

I was able to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure action and save my house. I was very pleased with the prompt attention to my case I received from the Miller Law Firm and the result.

- A.R. from Osceola

After my wife lost her job the credit card debts we had started overwhelming us. Miller Law Firm provided a quick and efficient solution to resolve these problems. I even was able to discharge some old taxes in our Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

- V & S from Albia, Iowa

My small business project hit some bumps and I needed help reorganizing my obligations and working out a payment plan. I was able to do this with Miller Law Firm in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and I am now back on my feet and am able to run my business profitably because of the structured repayment provided.

- S.W. from Des Moines

I was nervous and embarrassed even to check out a bankruptcy process. The staff at Miller Law Firm was very understanding and informative. I felt comfortable just talking to them. Filing the bankruptcy was the best thing I could have done as it has solved my financial stress and problems.

- J.W. from Newton