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Preparing to File a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

As in a Chapter 7 case, prior to filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Des Moines or anywhere in Iowa you must gather together accurate information regarding assets owned and creditors owed and provide six (6) months of paycheck stubs and four (4) years of tax returns. With this information a petition and a Chapter 13 repayment plan is prepared. There are various specific rules and guidelines and local practice customs that control what your income and expense budget might look like and determine how much your monthly plan payment would be. It takes an experienced Iowa Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney to correctly work through all of this information and prepare a budget most beneficial to you. Every case is different and there is no pre-determined requirement as to how much your monthly payment might be or how much of your unsecured debt must be repaid. Review and analysis by an experienced Iowa bankruptcy attorney is necessary to establish what are your exact options might be in a Chapter 13 case. Contact Miller Law Firm to determine the terms of a chapter 13 plan for you.

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