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Credit Counseling Class

Once the information is provided and a petition is prepared for signature, you also must complete a Credit Counseling interview with an independent credit counseling agency. This court accredited agency can then issue a certificate of completion to this office for filing with your bankruptcy petition. These courses are available in person in Des Moines, Iowa, or by telephone or on-line. This is really just a simple interview where you will be asked to review your debts, income, and monthly living expenses.

The agencies that conduct this interview have no control or authority over your ability to file bankruptcy in Iowa. They will not try to tell you what to do or make you pass a test of any kind. However, we must have a certificate of completion of this credit counseling interview before we can file your chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. This office will provide you a list of several agencies in Des Moines or elsewhere in Iowa, and online sites, where you can efficiently and conveniently complete this necessary, but relatively easy, step.

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