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Is Bankruptcy Right for Me?

Are you wondering if filing for bankruptcy is the right choice for your life? Maybe you are looking to stop bill collectors or get out of bad credit card debt. There is no specific yes or no answer to if bankruptcy is the right choice without first evaluating your qualifications.

To file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Iowa, you must first complete a means test to determine your gross income. If your gross average income is higher than the median income you will not automatically qualify for a Chapter 7.

To stop bill collectors, approximately three months after filing your petition, the court will enter a Discharge Order which completes your bankruptcy and will discharge your liability or responsibility for all debts that can be discharged in your Iowa Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 

To get out of credit card debt, once you make the decision to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we will advise you to stop making credit card payments.

All the factors come together after filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If this sounds like the right move for you, contact John Miller, Iowa bankruptcy attorney, to discuss your future. To learn more about the means test and specifically filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, see our Chapter 7 Iowa Bankruptcy Basics page.


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