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Top 10 Illegal Acts of Creditors/Debt Collectors

  1. Telling ANY OTHER people about your debts (this means, not your parents, your significant other, your landlord, your employer, etc).

  2. Calling you at work (or coming to see you at work) unless they have tried to call you at home or have tried to mail you a letter and these attempts have failed.

  3. Using abusive, vulgar, or obscene language to talk to you or to your family.

  4. Threatening to take your property to pay off a debt without telling you a court hearing is first required (when one is required).

  5. Talking to your employer about your debts – even threatening to talk to your employer.

  6. Sending notices that look like official court papers but that really aren’t court papers.

  7. Sending collection notices by postcard or having “Collection” appear on the envelope.

  8. Threatening to use force or violence to get you to pay, against you or your family.

  9. Threatening you with arrest or criminal prosecution for non-payment.

  10. Trying to collect money when they know you don’t owe them any money.

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